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Curriculum Development

OPAR helps the faculties develop and/or redevelop their curriculums.

Seminars for Educational Coordinators

An educational coordinator is a faculty member responsible for education in faculties and departments. These coordinators are deeply involved in activities such as proposing educational policies, forming curriculum, improving the teaching methods for different types of educational content, and verifying teaching effects.
About 60 educational coordinators appointed by the president are currently working. Under an organizational system geared to promote educational reform, the senior educational coordinators organically connect on several levels and serve together on the Committee for Education and Student Support, a governing body of the Institute for Education and Student Support established to deliberate university-wide educational issues.
OPAR is in charge of educational coordinator seminars to foster communication and common awareness of the importance of reform and improvement. The coordinators conduct activities in their respective faculties and departments, bearing in mind the knowledge and skills gained from the seminars. An important, university-wide educational issue is adopted each year as the seminar theme, like Systematization of curriculum(2006-2012), Fostering Generic Skills(2010-2013).

Ehime University Good Practice(GP) Support

The Initiative for Promoting Educational Reform (Ehime University GP) provides fund for two years from the President to support excellent initiatives led by the educational coordinators. OPAR staff play continuous roles in the assistance program, from commencement onward, as a committee member.

Various Consultations

Various Consultations When a department or faculty undertakes curriculum reform, we support the project as a team member. We have assisted the reform and improvement of the Department of Humanities, the Faculty of Law and Letters (freshmen seminar and student voices hearing services on the curriculum), the Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Engineering (freshmen seminar), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering (freshmen seminar), the Faculty of Science (freshmen seminar and student hearing regarding overall curriculum), the Environmental Education for Sustainable Development Program (curriculum design), and Sports (curriculum design).