Message from the Director

The Office for Educational Planning and Research has been established to provide three functions: student development, faculty and staff development, and education-related IR.
Over the years, OPAR is working to gather information and provide tools for the advancement of Ehime University’s educational reform. For the educational innovation, we have collaborated with educational coordinators in all faculties.
We have also created a network (SPOD) with other institutions of higher education throughout the Shikoku region. Through cooperation among universities, faculty, and staff, we are improving higher education in the Shikoku region by advancing faculty and staff development.
In recognition of our performance, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has granted OPAR qualification as a Joint-use Education Center (National Center for Faculty and Staff Development). Our hope is to transmit the knowledge and skills we have cultivated to higher education institutes nationwide.

Naoto Kobayashi
Director of the Office for Educational Planning and Research)



OPAR offers individual consultations related to the design and redesign of courses and curriculums. Our consulting services include course and curriculum assessments by educational consultants, the lending out of publications and videos, the dispatch of seminar instructors, referrals to specialists on and off campus, and much more.