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Staff Development

Staff Development means "Non-teaching staff development" in Japan. Ehime University has developed and implemented the SPOD-SD program based on “the definition of SPOD-SD” prescribed by the Shikoku Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (also known as SPOD).

Definition of SPOD-SD

SD is an approach for “training professionals in higher education to become both generalists and specialists through development in specialized fields in universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology.” Most of the training is imparted through training programs jointly and systematically developed by the staff of universities in the Shikoku Region.
The staff training programs in SPOD are called SPOD-SD programs.

OPAR and the Personnel Division work collaboratively both within SPOD and at Ehime University to support SD planning, development, implementation, and evaluation.
We believe that our work to support staff development can change how staff work, which in turn can affect how faculty members work and ultimately promote student learning, in Japanese Universities.

SD Program Development

By planning workshops facilitated by staff , OPAR has established numerous SD programs in specialized fields at various levels. We also handle operations for placing the programs on the SD map.
SD Map (image) Training Program for Common Skills Required of University staff members (Level 1) : link to PDF (Japanese)

Workshop in session1

Workshop in session

Workshop in session2

Staff Portfolio

Staff portfolio is a performance record for staff, which is similar to the research record and teaching record for faculty. A file on each staff member compiles his or her life goals, professional goals, capabilities and specialties, and future ambitions, with required evidentiary documents. OPAR develops formats and offers mentoring and writing portfolios. Our work as system implementers is guided by the belief that mentors, the advisors for staff portfolio creation and career planning, are essential for staff development.
What is the Staff Portfolio?(Japanese)

Training for SD Staff Instructors

Our ultimate goal is teaching the trainers. OPAR provides SD instructor training seminars.
The goal of SD Instructor Training Seminar (two nights and three days) is to train motivated staff members from SPOD-member schools to become future SPOD-SD instructors by equipping them with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills required of a seminar instructor.

Training for SD Staff Instructors