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Improving Teaching

授業の改善 Each year we provide about 60 seminars (including SPOD-sponsored programs) to improve the teaching of individual members in Ehime University and in other universities. Some of the seminars are for newly appointed faculty, others are for faculty developers. All are designed to meet diverse needs based on the abilities, specialties, and positions of the participants.
We operate a sustained system where instructors are trained on-campus. By actively recruiting instructors from on-campus staff rather than relying on outside instructors, we can offer training tailored to the actual circumstances at Ehime University. We are so proud of “FD Facilitator Training Seminar” for training FD Committee members of department and the “Faculty Developer Training Seminar” for training university-wide FD staffs. No comparable seminars are available outside of Ehime University.
We put particular effort into our consultation services for improving teaching. We consult with faculty one-on-one to support their teaching. The consultant and faculty analyze students comments together and search for clues to improve teaching.
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